73 – Advanced wireless communication – simulation and measures of passive components

Short Description:

Introduction to a user-friendly software simulating circuits which work in high-frequencies, so as implementation of an example circuit, while producing layout for printing.

Characterize of passive components – Learning of using modern testing instruments – Spectrum and Network vector analyzer.


The experiment takes two meeting, each takes five hours.

Overview of  transmission lines: Performing impedance adjusting in several methods between a source and a load (based on microstrip transmission lines), using computerized Smith diagram, impedance calculators, VSWR, and video graphical presentation.

Overview of passive components:

  • Different kinds of power attenuators
  • Wilkinson power splitters
  • Quad -3dB Branch coupler
  • Microstrip coupled lines filter
  • Circulator + isolator – printed on a board
  • Mixer

First meeting:

Designing, simulating and producing layout of a passive component such as: coupled lines filter, branch filter and so on. The simulation is performed on Microwave Office.

Second meeting:

Spectral measuring and vector measuring (phase, amplitude, delay) on variety of passive components using modern testing instruments made by HP:

vector analyzer – HP8753E

Spectrum analyzer – HP8563E



  • Prerequesities – Waves and distributed systems or Recieving and transmitting techniques
  • The experiment’s booklet includes preparation questions and experimental procedure.
  • You can have a CD – includes many references, calculators, graphs, calculated Smith diagram and more
  • It is essential to sign on the instruction for  a safe work in the lab.