78 – Antennas – Basic Simulation and Measurment

Short Description:

- Learning of radiation curves of dipole antennas and patch.
- Understanding of the terms: electric field polarization, E-plane, H-plane.
- Hardware implementation of dipole antennas ans patch.
- Measuring antennas radiation curves.


The experiment takes two meeting, each takes five hours.

  1. Overview of CST software.
  2. Construction dipole antennas and patch in the software and simulation of them.
  3. Construction of the antennas that were simulated and measuring their radiation curves.
  4. Comparison between different dipole kinds. The difference between simulation and reality in antennas designing.

First meeting:

  • Introduction to CST software, designing and simulating of:
    1. Theoretical dipole antenna.
    2. Dipole antenna that is printed on a surface with coax feeding.
    3. Comparison of the results, based on the simulation.
  • Hardware implementation of printed dipole antenna, based on the simulation.
    1. Learning the principles of using vector and spectral analyzer for antennas measuring.
    2. Measuring the radiation curves of the dipole and the affect of the input on the antenna’s parameters.

Second meeting:

  • Simulation of dipole antenna with “Balun” using CST.

The importance of adjusted input to a dipole using “Balun”.

Measuring dipole antenna with “Balun”.

  • Design and simulation of patch antenna using “CST”.

Impedance adjusting using a transformer to the antenna and understanding the importance of the adjustment.

Measuring the radiation curve of the antenna.

Working environment:

  • Microwave CST-3D software for simulation of antennas.
  • Antennas measuring laboratory – measuring of radiation curves using Vector Analyzer made by HP.
  • Copper strips and dielectric surface for hardware implementation of the antennas in the experiment.


Of course you need to work according to the safety instructions for students performing projects in the Communication Lab, as well as safety instructions in electricity, learned in the course 044102.