• Prof Emanuel Cohen

    Research Interests:
    mm-Wave and 60GHz circuit and applications in advanced CMOS process.
    Algorithmic and high speed mixed signal, high speed circuits & methods for power efficiency boosting of transmitters in CMOS process.
    Digital RF design and digital assisted systems including calibrations and BIST for wireless mobile platforms in CMOS

    Room: Meyer, 706
    Academic Supervisor of the Communications Laboratory.
  • Prof Moshe Nazarathy

    Research Interests:
    Optical Communication – Advanced optical modulation formats and equalization techniques, MIMO techniques over multimode optical interconnects.
    Translucent optical networks, links and devices controlling light with light – Optical Computing.
    Quantum Information Processing, Quantum Communication and Quantum Computing.
    Integrated, Fiber and Wavepacket Optics, GPS satellite navigation systems.

  • Dr Avraham Saad

    Research Interests:
    Microwave Theory and Technique – Receivers, Front ends, Filters, Couplers and Computer Aided Design · Communications Theory – Estimation
    Electromagnetic Theory – Adaptive Antenna Arrays
    Picture processing – Image compression
    Electro-physics – Optical beam scattering
    Data Analysis – Classification algorithms
    Feed-Forward techniques and Amplifier linearization
    Medical Equipment

    Room: 457 , fishbach
  • Prof Shlomo Shamai

    Research Interests:
    Information rates in constrained channels.
    Multi-user information theory and spread-spectrum systems.
    Information theoretic models for communication and recording systems.
    Coding and modulation combined modulation and coding and iterative algorithms.
    Space-time coding.
    Optical coded and uncoded communications.

    Room: 773, Mayer
  • Prof Dani Ritter

    Research Interests:
    InP based Optoelectronics.

  • Prof Israel Bar-David

    Man with teal shirt

    Research Interests:
    Signal reception under threshold conditions
    Coherent fiber optic communications
    Robust receivers in large doppler uncertainty

  • Ben-Zion Joselson

    Man with blue shirt
    Antennas Engineer
  • Avi Biran

    Man with blue shirt

    Area: Digital communications (MATLAB, Simulink)

    Room: Mayer 569
  • Yonatan Biran

    Area: RF and Microwave analog design

    Room: Mayer, 556
  • Maxim Meltsin

    Man with blue shirt

    Area: FPGA programming (VHDL)

  • Dr Beniamin Kantor

    Man with blue shirt

    Area: Underwater ultrasonic communications, ultrasonic transducers, wireless power transfer

    Room: Mayer 561
  • Alexander Hodisan

    Man with blue shirt
    Room: Mayer 556
    RF Engineer
  • Omer Malka

    Man with blue shirt
    Room: Mayer, 563
    System Administrator
  • Roy Karasik

    Man with black shirt
    Lab Experiments/Project Supervisor