Safety instructions

Safety instructions for students performing experiments in the Communication lab:


The safety instructions are presented to the attention of the students as a mean of preventing accidents while performing  experiments and  activities in the communication lab of the Department of Electrical Engineering.
The purpose is to draw attention to the risks involved in lab activities to prevent human suffering and damage to equipment.
Please read these instructions carefully.

Safety in the laboratory:

Working in the lab is not allowed without electricity safety course.
Working in the lab is only according to the rules learned in the course.
No individual work in the lab.
Laboratory Engineer is responsible for the arrangements of your lab activities; Listen carefully to his instructions and follow them.

To do and not to do:

Inform the lab engineer about dangerous conditions and faults in the lab or nearby environment.
Do not do any action that may risk the people in the lab.
Do not misuse any of the tools or instruments belongs to the lab.
Wrestling, fight and nuisance prohibited. Pranks sometimes evoke laugh, but they can cause an accident.
Do not use drugs or alcoholic beverages, or being under the influence in the lab.
Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited in the lab.
Turn off cell phones before entering the lab.
At the end of these steps, leave the table clean and tidy.

Electrical Safety:

Lab Engineer has been qualified and he is a certified electrician with the required grade. Use him and other professional persons in the lab in an emergency.
The lab equipment is powered from electrical sockets installed on the tables. Do not use an equipment that is powered from a damaged socket.
Do not use equipment that is powered from flexible cable with damaged isolation or that it’s plug is not assembled properly.
Do not repair or disassemble electrical equipment including replacement of fuses installed in the equipment;
Leave it to the treatment of the competent authority.
Do not open the main fuse box, unless it is an emergency and you need to open the main circuit breaker.

Emergency Switches:

The laboratory has a main switch, which is located in the main panel. Identify the place.
In an emergency case unplug it immediately.
When a local case you can use the switch at the work station.

Fire safety, CPR and first aid:

Laboratory engineer has been trained for fire safety, CPR and first aid. Use him and other professional persons in the lab in an emergency.
There are fire extinguishers and first aid kit in the lab. Identify it’s location.
Do not operate the fire extinguishers and do not use the first-aid equipment, unless it is an emergency, and if the instructor and other professional persons in the lab can not do it.

Emergency exits:

The laboratory has no emergency exits. The exit is through the front door to the corridor to the stairway.
Emergency exits, outside the laboratory, which are not routinely in use, are locked. You can use the emergency keys located near the doors to open them. Using the keys will trigger an emergency alarm system.
In an emergency case requiring evacuation, such as fire, immediately evacuate the lab through the most accessible exit.

Reported during an emergency event:

Reported immediately to an instructor or a lab staff member.
Instructor or lab staff member shall immediately report to the security officer on the phone; 2740, 2222, Mobile; 050-544575. If they can not do so, one of the students will report to the security officer.
By order of the security officer, or when there is no option to report to a security officer, report, as necessary:
Police; 100, MDA; 101 firefighters; 102 , and other safety factors and / or other security.
In addition to this you should report to the  M.N.M.P  to safety matters; 3033, 2146/7.
Further, you should report to the person in charge on the maintenance; 4776, 052-419917.
Finally, you should report to the academic supervisor – 4758. Assistant Director – 4678. Responsible engineering – 4759, technical supervisor – 4768. Administrative supervisor – 4759.